“Amidst the nature & the beauty of the world,
a magic seed was planted.”

In a city that boasts with heart and love for good times, a magic seed was planted with the first restaurant on the banks of the River Nile, and has now growen to become the multidisciplinary TLT Concepts. Our family of brands includes a diversified portfolio offering nothing short of excellence in hospitality, retail, entertainment, concept design, event management, and signature branded residences - all of which work in harmony to produce tasteful experiences for those who seek refinement and quality.

branches of a tree

TLT Concepts is profoundly growing while honoring the highest standards of luxury living. Although TLT Concepts started off as a leading entity in food & beverage, offering seasonally curated menus and enticing events, the brand's passion and ambition has caused it to evolve, and further develop into four distinctive branches from the tree:

TLT Hospitality is the home of extraordinary experiences, fine dining, and key to enjoying all qualities of a relaxed contemporary lifestyle; encompassing The Lemon Tree & Co., Le Sidi Boutique Hotel & Restaurant, Rituals, Villa Coconut, TLT Bistro, The Origins, The Quiet Cat, and Can Limón Restaurant.

TLT Living, the real estate developing arm of TLT Concepts fulfilling attainable luxury living that combines between modern day functionality and uncompromised luxuries - contemporary living with classical finesse. It comes as a natural extension towards our hospitality services.

TLT Events & Entertainment is our creative production arm creating remarkable commissioned and non-commissioned projects and events, driven by elaborate originality and supported by immaculate service standards. We cater to those who are fond of refinement and bold statements. TLT Events & Entertainment also embraces the universal language of music, bringing together talented artists from across the globe to share their music with the world and create a connection like no other. Through our Balearic anchors, we bring a tone of harmony defying all circumstances through music, TLT Entertainment opts to serve a wide musical Business & User platform... stay tuned!

TLT Lifestyle is a division of TLT Concepts that stands uniquely with its concept store, Can Limón. It emphasizes the importance of talented craftsmanship and offers a beautiful array of products for your home, all of which are inspired by the essence of nature and are representative of the mother company’s identity.


TLT Concepts embraces life through infinite inspiration. Take a moment to delve a little deeper and explore what is yet to come...