A fine hospitality arm of TLT Concepts, presenting a number of refined restaurants, bars, and signature luxury boutique hotels. It is home to extraordinary experiences and culinary expertise, offering a true luxurious life.

Located at One-Ninety, New Cairo, The Lemon Tree & Co. is a lively home for multiple fine luxuries, including state-of-the art cuisine, tailored experiences, and continuously creating sentiment. The restaurant rests at One-Ninety, New Cairo with its embodiment of a true vision of individualized hospitality.

The Lemon Tree & Co. is grounded by nature, fed by art, and is hosted by our family at the beautiful Hacienda White in the North Coast. It has become our centered home in the North Coast in which minimalism is embraced through an all-white raw interior, an exquisite selection of subtle greenery, handcrafted accents, and a direct sea view. An extensive menu with an array selection of dishes is harmoniously paired with our selected clientele’s impeccable cocktails.

is an authentic, rich, and welcoming sanctuary offering a locally-inspired experience on the golden coast of the Mediterranean. It is where luxury meets nature and refined hospitality; becoming the ultimate summer destination for a family getaway, a couple retreat, or even for traveling solitude.

Villa Coconut is beautifully set by the azure waters of El Gouna, Red Sea. Bringing you the best of what the season has to offer, from a carefully tailored menu of delicacies to home-like peacefulness and exquisite indulgence.

Inspired by our love of nature, it's forged with earthy elements and adorned by white stone & wood. A dining experience that is designed to get together with loved ones with the pairing of a warm scrumptious meal. A continuous celebration of intimate moments. 

The Origins, at Garden 8 is the perfect spot for families and friends to get away from the bustling city and enjoy contemporary ethnic cuisine in comfortable surroundings. It is an open space of beauty, encouraging families to gather together for a lovely day in the sun. From the morning up until nightfall, The Origins offers lunch & dinner; an extensive menu of familiar dishes fused with a contemporary twist that suits the distinctive tastes of our guests.

When we think of summer, we think of a perfect getaway that complements our ultimate seaside scenery. Rituals of Zoya is designed to take you on a multisensory journey of aromas, staggering turquoise views, a soothing touch of whites, alluring Mediterranean flavors, sweet sounding waves and music. Boasting one of the most beautiful beaches in North Coast, Rituals of Zoya is redefining the ambiance of the Mediterranean spirit. On weekdays, it’s one of the most favored places for a relaxing graceful day and evening; whilst on weekends it’s a party for the ones who love to dance, creating a tranquil yet eclectic atmosphere. It is a secluded private oasis that offers beautiful family mornings and remarkable entertainment, allowing guests to indulge in a splendid blend of sun, sea and sand alongside some cool mouthwatering cocktails and amazingly cooked food. Rituals of Zoya comes back with a fresh eye on the most valued cuisine for Egyptians; none other than the greatest seafood feast that is traditionally known to bring everyone together on a sharing table. Offering sea to table exquisite experience in an art-filled setting, combining between classical seafood recipes with a modern-day approach of fresh sourcing, prepared with finesse and presented to a very educated guest in a fierce seafood market. Seafood tables know absolutely no ego or pretense, it is just as simple as the freshest ingredients may be, so bring your appetite and be ready to dig in.

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Located in the heart of our lifestyle destination at Can Limón, Garden 8, New Cairo. Our new concept is a restorative experience of our primal hunting instincts in terms of mimicking our earliest ancestors of the Stone Age in palate, and in a contemporary interpretation of decorum. CAVA, which translates to cave in English, derives its inspiration from the minimal innate nature of cave dwellers who, in the matter of aesthetic, constructed simple structures birthing a more comfortable setting to reside. At CAVA, a simple menu consisting of 6 variations of every item along with crisp white tablecloths and only candles to light the way, stimulating a cozy, and calm atmosphere.

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Location: Can Limon, Garden 8, New Cairo.

Emerging from our retail brand, Can Limón El Restaurante is an innovative hospitality concept. Architecture is designed so delicately that it fits harmonically with its beautiful interiors of rich wood, walnut beams, and crafted corners. Can Limón El Restaurante will become a 'Living Visual Display' of Can Limón products and aesthetic, offering guests a sensory experience from the moment they step in and until they have had their last scrumptious bites of sweet and savory delights. The Restaurant is so thoughtfully designed that the interiors change with the seasons. With every changing menu, there comes a new surprise from the quintessence of Can Limón such as our next set of artisan-made serveware.

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