TLT Events

The seed of music has profoundly grown over the years at TLT Concepts; a universal language of which we all speak and comprehend. TLT Events and Entertainment brings together talented artists from across the globe to share their music with the world and create a connection like no other by speaking to the hearts of our beloved guests. We take pride in becoming a big part of the music community in Egypt, continuously adding to it and creating something that is quite extraordinary for the soul.

Where Egypt & Spain meet in the name of music... A concept that modernises and evolves the world of radio as we know it, adapting it to the new digital paradigm. Balearica Music is more than radio - it is a multi-platform for entertainment and production services giving people a holistic experience around the lifestyle & music business of the Balearic Islands.

A music horizon where nights turn into mornings and friends turn into family.

Family & Friends is an exclusive nightlife and music notion by TLT Concepts. Entertainment is dedicated to our special guests who have immense love for music.

An exclusive dinner party concept that combines both mystery and extravagance. Club Clandestine serves as a secret event, challenging the hospitality, culinary and creative teams. The concept is based on trust between invites and the brand by announcing a surprise invitation that takes take our guests on an unforeseen sensational journey.

“Music is love…It cannot be seen or touched; it can only be felt.”

The Sound of The Lemon Tree is a music concept that was created on Soundcloud by the talented music artist - Alex Kentucky, all the way from Ibiza. The music sets are specifically produced for TLT Concepts and are wholeheartedly played at all TLT events, restaurants, bars, hotels, and stores. A tribute for our everlasting love of music.